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Stitch yourself and your business into your local community

Written by Liam Bergin
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What does it mean to stitch yourself into your community?

The expression ‘Stitch yourself and your business into your local community’ was the result of a brilliant seminar called ‘Small is the Future’ hosted by the ecologist by The Schumacher Institute.

Liam Bergin attended the seminar and these words resinated deeply. This was a call to action and one that he has always done as an individual however he now understands that this should also include his business. 

Our phones and our feeds are full of really important global causes that we are encouraged to support and we should however, as important as these are, you don’t have to look far and you’ll find a cause on your doorstep that is crying out for help. 

Perma is taking an active lead in the planning and organisation of Seend’s 65th Village Fete, the principle fundraiser for the immediate community. Using the business and our collective production skills as a force for good, directly investing into the local area. 

The event attracts around 2000 people each year. It supports local independent traders, charity’s and community groups. All money raised through the Fete ensures the Village Hall and Lye Recreational Field remain accessible to the residents of Seend and the wider local community.

The Field sits in the heart of our village and is a space owned by the village, held under a charity, stewarded by some amazing trustees. 

The Fete is the principle source of income for the charity and ensures that the land remains an important space for generations to come, where people can meet up to celebrate, to play, to keep fit. The field is a space that brings people out of their homes where they can engage, support and care for one another.

Being a part of the process is what it means to stitch ourselves and our business into our local community.