our manifesto

Re-imagining a more sustainable future for shoot production.

Perma Collective is a next generation production company servicing photographers, creative agencies and brands. Established by Camilla Sorensen and Liam Bergin to support the creative industry, whilst challenging normal working practices, in order to re-imagine a more sustainable future for shoot production.

We are focused on creating high impact creative content whilst balancing our responsibility to decrease any negative environmental impact of our shoots. We also provide social and sustainable benefits, throughout all our production processes.

Perma Collective is proud to be part of this evolutionary change, to think beyond the now, to service the new initiative and to work with forward thinking brands that are also centralised around creating a better tomorrow.

Our philosophy is to integrate and not segregate, to be inclusive and not divisive, to promote equality, diversity and opportunity and to empower and inspire others to be more Earth kind.

Our learnings and expertise are shared not secret. We value teamwork and transparency with our partners.

With acute attention to the detail and the imagination to think outside the box, Perma Collective executes projects across all forms of print, digital and film media.

As an industry, we now have the tools available to live and promote positive sustainable messaging. To dream of a partnership, that can realise the idea of a sustainable future.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Ferdinand Drucker