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KMPG’s ESG Campaign

Written by Liam Bergin
Perma _KPMG Main

We were commissioned by Swerve Represents and True agency to produce a shoot for KPMG’s new ESG campaign (Environmental and Social Governance) 

Our challenge was simple. Produce a shoot with minimal impact. True Agency provided a brilliant opportunity to showcase our collective learnings and to work with an all green team, on an all green campaign.

We worked alongside photographer Sarah Cresswell, Stylist Alice Timms and makeup artist Poppy France to capture 12 Portraits on location at KPMG’s offices in London. 

Our shoot was split into two phases. One day per phase. We collected our carbon data across both phases. We inputted the data through Adgreen’s carbon calculator and published our results sharing them with all involved. 

Both shoots had a small footprint however the reduction between phase one and phase two came down to a few simple considerations. Less prep time, one less car on the road and reusing backgrounds from one shoot to the next… Our cast, location and catering were all supplied by KPMG.