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And Begin captured by Chris Floyd

Written by Liam Bergin
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Perma Collective Co-Founder Camilla Sorensen, took charge of an exciting project that involved coordinating two simultaneous photo shoots. The goal? To capture both exquisite still-life images and the vibrant essence of talented individuals. Kellie French and Chris Floyd, represented by the bespoke visual artists agency Flock, teamed up to bring the vision for the launch of And Begin Skin Experts to life.

Chris’s captivating directorial skills and the framing expertise of Amelia Hazelrigg were instrumental in capturing the true beauty and empowerment of the real-life talent chosen as And Begin’s ambassadors. 

Through their stories, the message was clear: there’s no such thing as the wrong side of 50+. With a little assistance from the And Begin experts, the message rings loud and clear – “you can have it all.”

Client: And Begin   .     Stills: Chris Floyd   .   Still life: Kellie French


Our Impact

To understand our impact, we first gathered the data from all crew and cast along any expenses such as hotels, catering and travel. (Essentially any project expense paid for by Perma Collective and invoiced to the client). We then inputted and measured our impact using AdGreens carbon calculator tool.

The footprint for this project was 0.46 tCO2e which according to AdGreen, is 8% of the industry average. Below is our project impact report which breaks down the detail. Opting for a green studio space, vegan catering and requesting crews consider the way they travel to set really helps to reduce the carbon created.